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My name is Chris Fortune, I'm a professional LAMP application programmer from Western Canada. If you can conceive of an Internet program, and explain it to me clearly, then I can build it for you, quickly and efficiently, with good quality.

Programming Biography:

In the late 90's, after a few years of programming electronic musical instruments, I began hacking HTML, javascript, PHP, and Perl/CGI for local friends and family. I then went to college and graduated with an honours degree in Computer Science in 2002. Since then I've worked full time as an application programmer, mostly with OO PHP/ *SQL, HTML/CSS2-3, and javascript/AJAX, XML/SOAP, REST APIs, and Linux server admin (bash). I have training in both Unix and Windows environments. I also know some Photoshop, and a smattering of other languages, etc.... It's safe to say I am a LAMP programmer.

Most of my latest projects have used MVC frameworks... my favorites are symfony and codeIgniter, I also know CakePHP and some Zend, and currently studying Laravel. To hone my OOP skills, I wrote my own open-source MVC framework as well, FWMagic, and produced a social website with it.

Most projects have been social media websites, forums, shopping cart websites, content managements systems, and other typical database-driven php websites. However, to give you some idea of what else I can do, here are some examples of unusual and difficult programs I've written: HTTP spiders / site-scrapers, a POP3 client in pure PHP, a multithread (forked) perl/shell pipeline program, a CSV parser to handle thousands of error-filled text files > 2GB in size, an LDAP auth module, and a vertically partitioned relational SQL database with > 10MM records. I wrote TheSpamEater.com, an email "spam cleaning" web service.

Open source projects:

  • PHPBounceHandler: a parsing class for extracting info from e-mail "bounce" messages
  • FWMagic. A new "ultra-light" agnostic object-oriented MVC framework
  • DBV. DataBase Versioning system. Great solution for a distributed team. The db migrations are organized into formatted files, which travel inside the repo, so they are always up to date with the current version. Nice! I added the multi-db modification.


I am an experienced LAMP programmer. My communication skills are excellent and I answer all messages quickly. I am very reliable. I work full time as a freelance telecommute programmer and project director with people from around the world. If your project appears to be a winning idea, you have adequate funding, and the proposed technology is modern, then I would like to be a member of your team. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

My hobbies include classical piano and electric bicycling.

References available on request.

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